Insight to Action™ from Ascend Learning Clinical Healthcare serves as a foundation to support your quality improvement initiatives.

Improving quality of care is your priority.

But consistency is a challenge. How can you ensure that your quality-improvement initiatives are successful?

Administrators like you need tools that allow you to:

  • Systematically review staff’s adherence to clinical guidelines
  • Identify system-level issues and trends
  • Pinpoint knowledge gaps of individual practitioners — from physicians and nurses to physician assistants and pharmacists.

You can achieve these goals with Insight to Action.

Assessment + skill-building + performance data = value for your institution


Improve patient outcomes with guideline understanding, adherence, and consistent application


Protect against potential legal/regulatory challenges with consistent adherence


Minimize costs associated with adverse events due to nonadherence


Improve community health outcomes

In the US, incomplete adoption of guidelines leads to high outcome variation and costs

Source: American Hospital Association, BCG 2015


wasted annually per average hospital due to variations from clinical guidelines