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The cost of opioid overprescribing

October 14, 2019

As we see in the headlines nearly every day, the opioid crisis that has gripped our nation is still far from over. And, although we’ve made progress, we still have a long way to go. Those of us in hospital administration have, since the beginning of the opioid epidemic, viewed it through a multi-faceted lens. […]

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Nursing’s critical role in addressing the opioid crisis

September 16, 2019

The opioid epidemic is a complex, multi-faceted crisis in America, requiring the attention and focused effort of all segments of the provider community — including nursing. Nursing’s role is a critical one, as recognized at the highest levels of nursing professional bodies. Nurses at all levels see the potential and real impact of opioid abuse […]

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Physicians: Playing multiple roles in the fight against opioid abuse

August 28, 2019

As physicians today, we find ourselves in an increasingly complex healthcare environment, one that requires us to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. We have our patient care first and foremost, but we’re also often called on to be people managers, business owners, medical educators and even compliance officers. That juxtaposition of roles is never more […]

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Physician assistants on the front line in the opioid epidemic

July 24, 2019

The role of physician assistants (PAs) within the healthcare landscape has grown increasingly important over the past several years. As PAs, we increase access to affordable, quality care for those who might otherwise go without, care for patients in every specialty and setting, and we often serve as frontline healthcare providers. It only stands to […]

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Caring for the smallest victims of the opioid epidemic

July 12, 2019

The opioid abuse crisis that’s afflicting our nation has been front and center in the news for several years now. At least one, and usually more stories every day tell of its devastation on lives, families and livelihoods. As a nurse in obstetrics, I see first-hand the impact of the opioid crisis that no news […]

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Tough Talk: Initiating patient conversations about substance use disorder

June 25, 2019

As healthcare practitioners, we encounter substance use disorders (SUD) in the clinical setting on a daily basis – even though we may sometimes be unaware or even unable to adequately address the topic with our patients. We sometimes skirt the topic by asking the patient to “check a box” on a medical history form that […]

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Healthcare providers invited to participate in free training pilot focusing on CDC guidelines for safe opioid prescribing and SAMHSA guidelines for substance abuse screening/brief intervention

June 7, 2019

Ascend Learning Clinical Healthcare has launched Insight to Action™, an innovative assessment and training program that educates healthcare providers on the latest clinical guidelines around opioid prescribing and substance abuse screening and brief intervention. These guidelines are integral to improving patient outcomes.  The Insight to Action Founding Partner free pilot program is now accepting participants […]

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