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Enjoy free access to evidence-based simulations across Ascend Learning Clinical Healthcare partners through May 15th to help sharpen the professional and interpersonal skills required for practice. Effective, scalable and data-driven solutions address the increasing need for quality, practice-based distance learning.  

Our Benefits 

Through Insight to Action, powered by QURE, clinical learners engage in realistic online case simulations, virtual human provider-patient conversations, evidence-based feedback, and peer group comparisons. Each case can be completed in under 15 minutes. While the time commitment is low, the added value is significant. After utilizing these modules participants were: 

  • 20% more likely to make evidenced-based decisions in the cases, and 
  • 24% more likely to get the correct diagnosis.

Insight to Action screen views


Insight to Action, powered by QURE, empowers clinical learners to make standardized, evidence-based decisions in care delivery resulting in better patient outcomes.  

  • 88% of participants plan to do something different clinically based on their participation 
  • 89% report wanting access to more cases through their practice 

Kognito Simulations

Our partners at Kognito will be sharing access through May 15th as well. These simulations enhance skills required for practice and quality, evidence-based distance learning.  


Evidence-Based Kognito’s simulations have resulted in statistically significant and sustainable changes in skills, attitudes, and behaviors, based on data from over 20 peer-reviewed articles.

Interactive Simulations with virtual patients blend the science of learning and the art of conversation to prepare students for live standardized patients, remediate learners who need additional training and practice in interpersonal communication skills, and expand standardized patient programs where resources are limited.

About Kognito

• 1.3 million+ professionals and students have engaged in a Kognito simulation to impact social, emotional, and physical health
• 97% of health professionals and students stated the simulation enhanced their skill as a healthcare professional
• 99% said they would recommend to fellow nursing or medical students

NHA TEAM Based Care ™

Training tool designed for all members of the care team with a particular focus on those in clinic. You may find that your future employer is working in a patient-centered care model. Having foundational knowledge of the what, why, and how behind this model of care can benefit you as your start your medical career.

Modules include:

  • Population Health Management
  • Teamwork and Care Coordination
  • Methods and Techniques for putting TEAM-Based Care into Practice

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