Reduce variability by promoting guideline education and adherence

Current content for your practitioners and system level insights for you.



A self-guided evaluation — developed by expert practitioners — allows test-takers to measure their knowledge of guidelines.


Individual score & gap report

Practitioners receive pass/fail scores and learn their specific knowledge gaps.


Skill-building based on the most up-to-date content

A self-guided, evidence-based tool tests practitioners’ readiness to implement guidelines and enables them to hone their skills using the most current content available.


Continuing education credits

Continuing education credits are awarded to practitioners who successfully complete the program.


System-level report for administrators

A data-driven baseline report informs quality-improvement efforts based on practitioners’ real-time knowledge of guidelines (domains and subdomains) and skill-building outcomes.

The combined result:


Insights from assessment and skill-building help focus future education/improvements


Relevant suggestions lead to practical implementation in clinical practice


Individual & system-level, data-driven insights provide detailed reporting

High-Impact Clinical Topics

The beta phase of Insight to Action focuses on high-impact clinical topics based on variability, high costs of care, and the ability to drive value for healthcare systems.

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Education on clinical guidelines is an effective lever to improve outcomes...

Reduction in length of stay for pneumonia after implementing guidelines
Reduction in opioids perscribed per patient after guideline education program

...and providers are willing to participate

likely to use a guideline-specific education platform


Source: Chartis Group Clinical Variation Management report, New England Journal of Medicine, 2018, Provider demand survey, June 2018